Here at Griffith Law, PLLC we like to be as transparent as possible with our fees. All of our services are based on our attorney hourly rates.

All legal projects require a $750 retainer to get started with the remainder due upon completion of the project. 

Trademark registration packages require the full, set fee upfront.

Flat Fee: Consultations are $345 for up to one hour of an attorney's time. A consultation will allow you to ask questions and have an attorney give you a better understanding of your options. Consultations do NOT include any legal opinions or advice. 

$345 per hour. Most contracts up to 10 pages in length at 14pt font will take approximately 2-3 hours to review and any additional custom contract drafting will be quoted per project.

Flat Fee: $2450 for basic trademark research and registration package, does not include USPTO fees

- A thorough trademark research
- International Class selection
- Filing with the USPTO
- Receipt of communications and correspondence with the USPTO
- Response to non-substantive office actions from the USPTO Examining Attorney
- Counseling with post-registration for proper use, protection, and advice on mandatory Section 8 filings

$345 per hour for all copyright registration, copyright infringement cease & desist letter, lawsuit, or dispute resolution.

$345 per hour. Registration includes Custom Operating Agreement. A $70 filing fee is additionally required. *Only Available for Montana LLC formation

Attorney Rate: $345 per hour
Administrative Rate: $50 per hour

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