“Paige is the legal expert that you need in your business! Investing in Paige's expertise for one- on-one legal support not only helped me to completely transform my business contracts but allowed me to feel much more confident knowing that I am fully covered. I highly recommend Paige's legal services as well as the contract and clause shop! She goes above and beyond to be  sure her clients feel knowledgeable, prepared, and confident. She is very professional, easy to  work with, and always remained in communication throughout the entire review process. All  business owners need to be proactive when it comes to the legal side of things. Whether you're just starting out in business or many years in, Paige can help you.”

“I trust her legal knowledge, and she's particularly helpful because she's also a photographer and familiar with the types of clients I have. Paige is professional and easy to work with. She helped me with my general photography contract, copyright clauses, and consulted efficiently on an intense contract for a celebrity client that included: a NDA, copyright relinquishment, and closed model release. She also coached me through explaining the different clauses to my current and future clients. I now feel safe and protected legally.”

"Paige has helped us confidently tackle the legal aspects of growing a business whether it be updating contracts, creating employment and independent contractor agreements for our team, or  consulting with us on different legal matters. We value her experience and expertise—both as a  lawyer and fellow entrepreneur. She always helps us understand our options, provides thoughtful  feedback, and helps us make the decision that's best for our business."

“I was absolutely blown away by how thorough and professional she was, while simultaneously turning around my contract in just a few days! The contract was beautifully executed, and she helped me to cover things I would have never thought of on my own. I'm so grateful for Paige and can't recommend her enough - stop looking and work with her right now!”

'Paige not only helps you with your immediate concerns, she helps you consider your future endeavors! Her mindset of being one step ahead shows that she is wise in her craft AND that she genuinely cares about the well-being of her people. Not only that, she’s completely fabulous and a pleasure to work with!"

“I’m so grateful for Paige’s help with a contract! I have peace of mind knowing both my clients and I are legally covered. The first time I sent my new contract out, my client told me that it was her favorite she’d ever seen—which is a testament to Paige’s expertise and the care she puts into her contracts.”



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